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Beamer’s Update – Week 5

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from Beamer!

In last week’s update we mentioned that Beamer had stop eating and drinking and had lost a lot of weight.  We made several trips back and forth to the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital trying to understand why Beamer was refusing food.  We sought medications to stimulate his appetite because we knew that if Beamer didn’t start eating we would lose him as his strength was failing fast.

Last week we made a decision to try appetite stimulant drugs but they did nothing.  We were down to the Hail Mary pass and put Beamer on Prednisone.  Initially, we gave him 20 mg twice a day.  The second day we tapered it to 10 mg twice a day.  We were beginning to see results.  Beamer’s appetite came back and he was eating roasted chicken, seared bison and cooked salmon.  That brings us to this week’s update.

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